Free Google tools that every website or blog should use

Free Google tools that every website or blog should use

Eines gratuïtes de Google

If you have a website or blog, it is because people understand the look, so there are steps we must follow and get some visibility, but we have done in the past, are still on time.
Google is not just a search engine, it also offers other resources, free tools that Google will explain briefly below.
No matter whether you are a beginner in content marketing and SEO strategies, steps are very basic and easy to realize that you will have many more visits.
These free Google tools that every website or blog should not need to use the daily use, but you should use them occasionally or before publishing any content, surely you are one of them you will gain a big advantage, but we will start with the most famous and leave the best for last.
Let ‘s go!


1. Google analytics

Eines gratuïtes de Google google_analytics

Have you defined a strategy for content marketing?

Do you know the number of visits you get every day?

If the answer is negative, this is the time to rethink your situation and fix it, because if things on the web, you were wrong as well, so you will be better.

The first thing you should do is familiarize yourself with the basic interface of Google Analytics.

See instant performance or a period.

Then you can see the kind of “hearing” and any of its features.

View all data “acquisition” is to say from where the traffic it receives.

I see the “behavior” that people that visit, ie visit places and all kinds of details.

To master these options, you will pearl short video that explains clearly and concisely, how to master the basics of this powerful tool:


2. Keyword Planner –Google Adwords–

Eines gratuïtes de Google google google_adwords

Have you thought about what keywords or keywords that help you better position your content?

And the best keywords that help people find the content of your blog?

That should do it before you write your post or website, for the keywords they should help you to find you. This is one of the most used free Google tools, but it is true that there are better, but this is very functional and free.

Inside Google Adwords you must go to the menu “tools” and into the “Keyword Planner” here are several methods, which help to give the words you need is a simple and intuitive.

Look at this screenshot superior, here you will see a series of data that gives you Adwords, about the alternatives that you put out, will choose the appropriate capital for the content you want to send.

Here I leave the help of Google Adwords, you will understand how luxury in 5 minutes


3. Google Trends

Eines gratuïtes de Google google - google-trends

These are trends that detects Google search.

If you find it difficult to find new topics to post on your blog, this is a good tool, which tells you the trend nowadays for any research, since according to the geographical terms are varying fashion.

It is very easy to use, just type a term and analyze the data that the application gives you this …. plus a little creativity will help your content easier to find. Ileave here more info about <Treds>


4. Google+

Herramientas gratuitas de Google google+

Despite being a social network with not much success, because many of you will think that creating a profile page or spoiled ….. it is extremely advisable because it is a powerful marketing tool.

– You will share your content.

– Expand your network

– Discover content can affect your site

But best of all is that Google appreciates greatly the use to share your content, and you demonstrate gratitude in a “position”, this also helps you position your content.

5. Google Search Console

Eines gratuïtes de Google google - google-seach-console

And now comes the best, this is one of my favorite tools, help you to know the health of your website is like a review of the doctor.

There are many options and analyze data, and although I have not used it may soon you are collating a large volume of data that Google’s free tool you can provide.

There are many data that can be analyzed, but now I will teach you consider most useful.


A. Analysis of search.

Herramientas gratuitas de Google analisis-de-busqueda

You enter the menu “search traffic” and the submenu “search analysis” will show that the average position of all the words that appear in Google searches in relation to your website, of course.

Even if you only use it occasionally, will provide a tasty information on how your keywords are performing.

In this video you’ll see how quickly you can get juice to this tool:


B. Links to your site.

Herramientas gratuitas de Google enlaces-a-tu-sitio

This is a fact that at first if you have not started in the world of SEO, you seem a little absurd, but it is actually the opposite because the links are directed to your website, allowing Google, depending on where they come from quality, position yourself or not.

If coming from sites related to your topic and domain authority, this will help significantly to position yourself better, and of course, most have between ….. better, so do not hesitate to link up to you himself.

Here we explain more extensive, as you can take advantage of this strategy:


C. Crawl Errors.

Herramientas gratuitas de Google errores-de-rastreo

Menu “crawl” find the submenu “tracking errors” This is another great free Google tools, because that gives you a brief crawl errors, all that Google could not crawl properly or has a code HTTP error.

The reasons for these failures are multiple, the bonus is that the same report tells you what kind of error is so you can fix it.

So …. you will notice that there are no pages or files in your site that are not accessible to the public, this tool can fix not only that, but Google appreciates the fact that solvents such errors regularly by I advise you to check it occasionally.

This tutorial will help you learn how to fix these types of errors:


You personally think are effective tools, some more heavily than others, but if there is a great professional in certain areas of online marketing really worth revising these free Google tools that every website or blog should use .

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