The design wine labels


The design wine labels

Why this fashion?

In recent years there has been a boom in the world of wine, people are more interested in this world, do tastings, new wines are bought, talking about them and if you’re not a sommelier, many people can appreciate a good wine .

In the world of design past something like that, people are more aware of design things around you, you have more in mind when buying a magazine, enter a bar design or buy one product or another depending the design you have.

These two trends have resulted in explosion in the world of wine packagin or put another way in designing wine labels.

Entering a small warehouse or in the wine area of a large area is quite a shocking experience for the senses, it is like entering a small museum where you can see those sets wines with all kinds of colors, shapes and dies.
And it is that not only sell good wine, rather now sold good wine but with a good design wine labels, because when we see a bottle of wine on any shelf, we get carried away by those colorful, shapes and reliefs labels … it is certain to be conjoined the two characteristics “good wine” + “good packaging” otherwise, if the wine is bad not return to buy it, but I have very clear that it is vital to have a label attractive, because it enters the eye as a beautiful woman and if we like that label have a percentage of purchase possibilities very high.

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Also remain those who buy by brand, ie always buy typical brands that already has a certain prestige, these brands usually do not stand out for having a label design very innovative wine, because they are more traditional as it has to keep the brand branding or brand that characterizes them.

The design wine labels_2

And then there’s the people who are passionate about the world of wine and the world of design, like us, is a true joy to enter a cellar and admire these small works of art, wander through the halls admiring the design of wine labels , watching convey the concept of wine either by the vintage, type of grape, the winery, the customs of this, the region etc … think how nice is to convey certain values in the design, something that today is not all necessary, but for us it has always been a plus, added value. And here lies the difficulty of making a good wine label, namely convey the concept, what is behind if possible in a flat, simple design. This is how complicated and wonderful good design is the scope it!

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The different types of wine labels

We are familiar with this world, but we have tried to make a small classification or categorizing infinite designs wine labels that are in the marked, something almost impossible, but in general we can say that are differentiated by:
– Usually with a classic classical typography or drawings of typical vineyards.
– Playing the embossed on paper.
– Which have a wide range of colorful.
– The leading dies (is when a label is cut, either by the edges or outside).
– Where the main figure is an illustration.
Although it is true that many labels, combine several of these techniques.

An important point is to follow the law they should have all labels of wine, here are more information <wiki>

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The design wine labels_5

Great designers of wine labels:

And as in all areas here we are also specialized people, who are dedicated to design labels:
– LAVERNIA & CIENFUEGOS which won the Silver Pentawards prize for the branding of the Valencian wines Vegamar author.
– DANIEL NEBOT great experienced in this sector
– ENRIC AGUILERA is a stalwart of the big brands.
– CALCCO is also one of the usual winning awards.
– Moruba one of the coolest in recent years agencies.
– GLORIA BLESSED are becoming very popular for its great innovation.
– Albert Virgili HIL that creates packagins that are true gifts itself.
– PABLO GUERRERO with several awards behind.
– JAVIER GARDUÑO now very fashionable design for wine “20/4”
– MARTA BOTAS has a brand with its wonderful illustrations
– Brosmind with his illustrations of the most “chic”
– JORDI Lafebre this marking unadiferencia with fun labels
– Atipus moves between elegance and classic, making the most of both.
– MARTA LOJO is one of the regulars in the world of wine packaging.

If you want to give you an update on this exciting world you can take a look at the magazine  “ON DISEÑO”  which has a truly extensive and interesting story.

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The design wine labels_7

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Our work in designing wine labels:

And finally we come to us to this fantastic custom, In  GREATIVIDAD we have made the design of wine labels for white wine pou nou PENEDÈS designation of origin, we have tried to convey the values and needs of the client.

We started with a very flat, conceptual and attractive option.


The second and third is more natural, abrupt strokes combined with an elegant typography,
and some own different colors of the well or white wine.

diseno_etiqueta_de_vino_2 diseno_etiqueta_de_vino_3

The fourth, is more austere, with an illustration showing an unusual perspective of the well,
with a sharp typography.


And in the fifth proposal we have tried to reverse the classic,
creating something stylish yet certain innovation in what we call a classic label.


And finally it has been selected by the customer:


And here’s our offer wine label design

We hope we have been able to continue in the creative line design wine labels, giving a modern twist,
and we hope that this exciting world follow this beautiful path, which we all enjoy.


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